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Shin Min-a turns from professor to countryside eatery owner in ‘Our Season’

By Kim Da-sol

Published : Nov. 3, 2023 - 15:12

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“Our Season” (Showbox) “Our Season” (Showbox)

Actor Shin Min-a turns into eatery owner Jin-joo, who sells homecooked food based on her mother’s recipes in “Our Season,” which confirmed its release in local theaters on Dec. 6.

Veteran actor Kim Hae-sook appears as Shin’s mother, Bok-ja, who has come to visit her as part of her “vacation from heaven,” following the lead of a guide who has arranged the visit down from heaven, played by Kang Ki-young.

While Bok-ja can see her daughter from a close distance, Jin-joo cannot hear or see Bok-ja at all. Together with Jin-joo's best friend, Mi-jin (Hwang Bo-ra), Jin-joo tries to revive her mother's recipes, filling her feelings of emptiness after having quit her career as a professor at a renowned university in the US.

“Our Season,” directed by Yuk Sang-hyo and written by screenwriter Yoo Young-ah of “Miracle in Cell No. 7” (2013) and “Kim Ji-young born 1982” (2019), focuses on portraying the complex emotions between family members and an immersive plot that anyone can sympathize with as a mother or daughter.

“I’ve always thought about the way one can deliver a heartfelt message to a close family member who passed away. That’s how I came up with this imaginative plot line,” said Yoo.

“What differentiates this film from others is that it is a fantasy movie that shows characters who deliver their messages through their feelings, as they cannot otherwise communicate with each other,” she added.

“Our Season” hits local theaters Dec. 6.