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6 out of 10 willing to buy hybrid or electric cars: survey

By Yoon Min-sik

Published : June 25, 2024 - 15:38

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This photo shows Kia's battery electric SUV, EV3 GT-Line (Kia) This photo shows Kia's battery electric SUV, EV3 GT-Line (Kia)

The majority of car owners in South Korea are willing to buy more eco-friendly models for their next vehicle, a survey indicated Tuesday.

A local pollster Open Survey recently surveyed 1,500 car owners on what type of car they wish to buy next. Of the 675 who said they plan to buy another car, 39.7 percent said a hybrid vehicle -- powered by both an internal combustion engine and an electric motor -- would be their first choice.

Another 26.7 percent who plan to buy another car said they would buy a gasoline-fueled car, but 24.1 percent said they wish to buy an electric car, followed by 5.9 percent seeking a diesel engine vehicle, and 3.1 percent planning to buy an LPG engine car.

The survey showed that while many are willing to switch to eco-friendly cars, those running on internal combustion engines are the overwhelming majority here. Some 54.2 percent of all respondents said they currently own traditional gasoline vehicles, while 27.7 percent said they own diesel engine cars.

Those owning hybrid and electric cars accounted for just 8.8 percent and 3.4 percent of those surveyed, respectively.

Of those who wished to buy electric cars, 62.1 percent said doing so would help protect the environment. But only 15.9 percent thought such cars are safe, and 17.4 percent said they are convenient.