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[팟캐스트] (595) 피곤한 한국인들이 찾는 것은?

By Choi Jeong-yoon

Published : June 24, 2024 - 14:34

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진행자: 최정윤, Elise Youn

IV drips: A quick energy shot for overworked Koreans

[1] “Feeling burnt out? You’ve come to the right place,” the doctor said during my consultation at a clinic in Yeouido, Seoul's financial district, before prescribing what he called a “garlic injection.”

* prescribe: 처방을 내리다 n. prescription / 규정,지시하다 (stipulate)

[2[ As an average South Korean national, I am used to eating tons of garlic, but I wasn’t quite ready to have it injected into my veins. It turned out that the “garlic injection” wasn't actually a shot of garlic extract or anything similar. It's a colloquial expression for an intravenous infusion therapy of vitamins that has a hint of a garlic scent.

*colloquial: 구어의, 일상적 대회의

*intravenous: 정맥으로 들어가는

[3] The prescription for me was a mix of B vitamins, vitamin C and an antioxidant called glutathione, which he said should help boost my energy and reduce fatigue.

When asked how long the fatigue treatment would last, the doctor said that it would depend on my workload. “For people who have a lot of work, the effect may disappear in two to three days, and for others, it could last for as long as a week.”

*antioxidant: 산화방지제, 방부제

*fatigue: 피로

[4] I came out of the clinic feeling rejuvenated, not knowing if it was the nap or the IV that helped. The treatment cost 110,000 won ($80). In South Korea, where medical care is highly accessible and affordable, primary care clinics offer IV therapy consisting of diverse nutrient cocktails, billing them as “Cinderella" shots, “placenta” shots, and “white jade” shots for anti-aging, curing hangovers, boosting immunity or even promoting glowing skin.

*rejuvenated: 다시 젊어보이는, 활기를 되찾는 (juvenile: 청소년의, 유치한)

*bill:~를 ~로 홍보/묘사하다

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