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University president proposes strategies to thrive in AI-driven era

Qatari Ambassador calls for Korean companies to expand business horizons at Global Business Forum

By Choi Jeong-yoon

Published : May 9, 2024 - 14:13

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President of Taejae University Yeom Jae-ho (The Korea Herald) President of Taejae University Yeom Jae-ho (The Korea Herald)

President of Taejae University Yeom Jae-ho on Wednesday underscored the profound impact Artificial Intelligence has been having and the essential attitudes individuals must cultivate to thrive in the evolving AI era.

Speaking at The Korea Herald’s Global Business Forum in Seoul, the president of South Korea's first future innovation university, said this was an era of "VUCA" -- Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity.

Despite this rapid transformation, Yeom highlighted a concerning trend: The mindset of today's populace remains entrenched in 20th-century paradigms, struggling to adapt to the swiftly changing societal landscape.

"We are going through a pivotal phase of human civilization. When describing the year 2024, future generations would comment this is the time when AI emerged in earnest and the world greeted a new paradigm," noted Yeom during the GBF held in Marina Park, Seoul.

Yeom emphasized the increasing number of sectors AI is impacting, varying from writing sports articles, creating art, singing to playing go. He said by the year 2030, 85 percent of the jobs at the time will be something that did not exist in the 20th century.

To have a safe landing in such changes and be successful, Yeom claimed that one should endeavor to always challenge oneself but also enjoy what they are doing.

"Be a voice, not an echo," he urged, noting that one has to be autonomous and reclaim a path one is passionate about to be at the center of changes.

Qatar Ambassador to Korea Khalid bin Ebrahim Al-Hamar (The Korea Herald) Qatar Ambassador to Korea Khalid bin Ebrahim Al-Hamar (The Korea Herald)

Qatar's Ambassador to South Korea Khalid bin Ebrahim Al-Hamar, called on South Korean companies to expand their business and investment during the forum mostly attended by CEOs and businesspeople of varying industries.

During the forum, primarily attended by CEOs and business leaders from diverse industries, Qatar's Ambassador to Korea, Khalid bin Ebrahim Al-Hamar, called for South Korean companies to broaden their business reach and investment ventures.

The ambassador underscored Qatar's stable and resilient economy, abundant incentives for foreign investors, and supportive business environment. Additionally, he highlighted Qatar's strategic geographical location, solidifying its status as a "business and logistical hub" in the Middle East.

"Therefore, we call on Korean companies and businessmen to open more businesses in Qatar to benefit from economic growth, economies of scale, financial surpluses, and the possible partnerships with their counterparts in the State of Qatar," the ambassador said.

"It is time for Korean companies to expand their business with their counterparts in Qatar."

The GBF, organized by The Korea Herald, is an association of experts from various fields such as business leaders, scholars, diplomats and celebrities, who come together to provide comprehensive views on industrial changes.