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Hip-hop 6-piece 82Major hopes to top K-pop

By Choi Ji-won

Published : Oct. 11, 2023 - 14:20

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Boy band 82Major poses for picture at the band's debut showcase held in Seoul on Wednesday. (Great M Entertainment) Boy band 82Major poses for picture at the band's debut showcase held in Seoul on Wednesday. (Great M Entertainment)

New boy band 82Major on Wednesday threw its hat into the ring with the debut album "On."

The six-member group, consisting of Nam Sung-mo, Park Seok-joon, Yoon Ye-chan, Cho Seong-il, Hwang Seong-bin and Kim Do-gyun, is the first boy band debuting under novice label Great M Entertainment.

Celebrating their debut, the group held a media showcase event in Seoul on Wednesday.

The name, 82Major, combines the country code of South Korea, 82, with the word "major," reflecting the group's ambition to become a representative team of South Korea.

Marking the start of the boys' journey is "On," a two-track album consisting of "Sure Thing" and "First Class," two songs of contrasting sound and energy.

"First Class" is a powerful boom bap-style hip-hop anthem, with throbbing drum beats, groovy baseline and hybrid synths, that defines the rookie hip-hop group's identity.

Taking a softer turn, "Sure Thing" taps into the ears with a softer, melodic tune, singing of an ever-giving love. Songwriter Ryan Jhun composed and arranged the song.

Some of the members are credited as lyricists, Yoon Ye-chan on "First Class" and Nam Sung-mo and Hwang Seong-bin on both songs.

"'On' signifies our 'start.' The members took part in writing the lyrics of the two songs to better portray our honest hearts," Cho Seong-il explained.

Although not credited yet, the rest of the members are also writing lyrics and melody, the bandmates said. All six members are not just rappers but writers, Kim Do-gyun noted.

"We're essentially a hip-hop group consisting of hip-hop musicians. All of us can write raps and we hope to infuse elements of K-pop into hip-hop with our music," Nam Sung-mo said, expounding on the group's identity.

Yoon Ye-chan elaborated: "We all like rap but rather than limiting ourselves to a certain concept, we like to make music and write lines when we get the inspiration. Our musical spectrum is very expansive so please look forward."

The six members had honed their talents in a pre-debut project, "Rare House," which had been unveiled on social media months ahead of their official debut.

Meeting fans and performing for them was one of their biggest short term goals.

"Many fans rooted for us and waited for our debut during 'Rare House,' and I look forward the most to meeting them," Cho Seong-il said.

In the long term, the boys aspire to become a group that could inspire others.

"I personally hope that we become a team that exerts a positive influence on the society and an idol group that young children who have the same dream could look up to," Hwang Seong-il said.

With the goal of becoming representatives of South Korea in mind, all six bandmates opted to use their real Korean names instead of catchy aliases or stage names.

Closing the event, Park Seok-joon reminisced on his days in training leading up to his debut, "I came to Seoul from my hometown Busan three years ago and have since trained at a basement studio earnestly for this moment. I feel moved and unreal to be standing here like this. I will never forget this day and take this feeling on my forthcoming journey."