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‘Moving’ screenwriter Kang Full presents special posters

By Lee Si-jin

Published : Sept. 8, 2023 - 16:25

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Kang Full's Kang Full's "Moving" illustration posters (Kakao Entertainment)

Webtoon creator Kang Full has expressed his gratitude to fans of “Moving” in special cartoon illustration posters, which have been released on all Disney+ social media accounts.

“Moving” started as a webtoon project on Daum Webtoon, garnering more than 200 million accumulated reads in Korea. Global streamer Disney+ adapted the webtoon, releasing 20-part action fantasy series “Moving” on Aug. 9.

According to the streamer, “Moving” made history by becoming the most watched Korean original series on Disney+ and Hulu, topping TV series charts in various regions, including Korea, Japan, Hong Kong and Southeast Asian nations.

Proving its growing popularity, the original webtoon version of “Moving,” which came to an end in September 2015, became the most viewed webtoon on Kakao Entertainment as of the first week of September.

After Disney+ launched “Moving” in August, the daily average sales of the webtoon saw an increase of 12 times and eight times on Kakao Page and Kakao Webtoon, respectively. Viewership rose 22-fold and nine-fold on the respective platforms as well.

Kang, who is both the creator of the original webtoon and the screenwriter of the “Moving” TV series, hoped to repay both readers' and viewers’ love for his projects.

The webtoon creator presented two different illustrations representing the first 14 episodes of the “Moving” TV series.

“I also wanted to root for the hardworking staff and actors of ‘Moving’ with the drawings. I am certain that the illustrations will intrigue ‘Moving’ enthusiasts’ interest with some of the iconic scenes from the series,” Kang was quoted as saying in a Kakao Entertainment press release.

“TV series ‘Moving’ recently finished the stories of high school students endowed with supernatural powers and tales of their parents, who had extraordinary gifts even before the students were born,” Kang said. "The upcoming episodes will have all the characters return to the present and complete the unfinished stories."

With its 15th episode released Wednesday, "Moving" is set to come to an end in two weeks. The last three episodes of the 20-part series will be released Sept. 20.