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Rocket Punch aims for “boom” with new single

By Hong Yoo

Published : Sept. 7, 2023 - 14:22

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Rocket Punch (W&) Rocket Punch (W&)

Rocket Punch is ready to steal the hearts of fans with its new single album, “Boom,” which comes a year after the group’s second single album “Flash.”

The group returned with a high school teen concept styled to accentuate the members' loveliness.

The new album carries three tracks led by the title track “Boom” which is of the pop dance genre composed with addictive synth sounds and a rhythmical bass line.

“We wanted to come back with a bright song because our previous song was a bit dark. As you will see in the music video, the story of this song is that we are high school influencers who fight against keyboard warriors and become even more popular,” said Yeonhee, the leader of Rocket Punch, during a press conference in Seoul on Wednesday.

Rocket Punch consists of six members -- Juri, Yeonhee, Suyun, Yunkyoung, Sohee and Dahyun.

The group named the highlight choreography of this song the “music box” dance.

“The main dance move is when we circle our finger around our other hand as if we are winding up a music box,” explained Yunkyoung after performing the title track “Boom.”

The album also carries a fan song “Alive” in which the group tried to deliver their appreciation to their fans for their love and support during the past years.

“During the one-year break, we practiced every day to improve our performance, which helped improve our teamwork and built up our confidence,” said Dahyun.

Rocket Punch made its debut back in 2019 but failed to make a remarkable achievement.

This led some of its members -- Juri, Suyun, and Yeonhee -- to participate in Mnet’s survival program, “Queendom Puzzle,” which was about giving old and new girl groups another shot at stardom.

Yeonhee is one of the top seven finalists of the show to debut as the project girl group El7z Up.

“My members really supported me when I was competing in the show. They even gave me ideas of what kind of performance to do next on the show. I think this program brought our members even closer,” said Yeonhee.

“About five years have passed since our debut, during which we released many albums. I think now we want to hear that we are a ‘complete’ and a ‘perfect’ group. We want to be loved by many more and get to hold diverse performances.”