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[팟캐스트] (524) 의료계 반발에도 ‘수술실 CCTV’ 설치 의무화 됐다 / 드라마 흥행에 덩달아 높아지는 원작 인기

By Park Jun-hee

Published : Sept. 7, 2023 - 06:01

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진행자: 박준희, Beth Eunhee Hong

1. Surveillance cameras in operating rooms to be mandatory from this month

기사 요약: 의료계 반발에 불구하고 수술실 CCTV 설치 의무화 됐다


[1] Hospitals will be required to install cameras in operating rooms and to video-record surgical procedures upon the request of patients or guardians from later this month, despite adamant opposition from doctors.

* Install: (장비·가구를) 설치[설비]하다

* Surgical: 외과의, 수술의

* Surgical procedure: 수술 절차

* Upon the request of: ~의 요청으로

* Adamant: 단호한

[2] The revised regulation mandates hospitals to install the cameras in any room where patients undergo surgery under general anesthesia. This measure aims to safeguard patients from potential medical malpractice and ethical violations, such as surgeries performed by unqualified staff or possible assaults on sedated patients.

* Mandates: 명령하다, 지시하다

* Malpractice: (의사의) 의료 과실[사고]

* Safeguard: 보호하다

* Sedate: 차분한, 조용한

[3] Surgeons cannot refuse to be recorded unless there is a valid reason, such as an urgent surgical need. The government is responsible for covering the costs of installing the cameras.

* Refuse: (요청·부탁 등을) 거절, 거부하다

* Valid: (논리적으로) 타당한, 근거 있는

* Responsible for: ~에 책임이 있는, 원인이 있는

* Covering: 부담하다

[4] Viewing the video will be allowed upon request by an investigative body, a court, or when the patient and all medical personnel consent. Those accused of leaking, damaging or falsifying footage may face up to five years of imprisonment or a fine of up to 50 million won ($37,900).

* Viewing: (풍경·전시물 등을) 보기

* Consent: 동의

* Leaking: (액체기체가) 새게 하다, 유출되다

* Damaging: 손상을 주는

* Face up to: 어떤 곤란한 상황이나 사실을 직시하다

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2. Popular webtoon-based TV series drive more readers to original works

기사 요약: 드라마 흥행이 원작에 대한 높은 관심으로 연결되다


[1] Kakao Entertainment webtoons are enjoying a renewed bump in popularity from TV drama adaptations by broadcasters and video streaming platforms that have become major hits this year.

* Enjoying: 즐기다, 누리다

* Renewed: 새로워진

* Adaptations: 각색

[2] Disney+’s superhero action series “Moving” became the most watched Korean original project on Disney+ and Hulu, topping Disney+'s TV series charts in several countries, including Korea, Japan, Hong Kong and other Southeast Asian countries.

* Most-watched: 가장 많이 본

* Topping: 1위를 차지하다, 휩쓸다

[3] Action webtoon “The Uncanny Counter 3,” which has been coming out with new episodes every Thursday since March 30, topped the Kakao Webtoon chart in the second and third week of August.

* Uncanny: 이상한, 묘한

[4] Terrestrial broadcaster SBS’ new Thursday drama “The Killing Vote” is also off to a strong start, topping ratings among all TV shows in the same time slot with the first three episodes, as of Wednesday.

* Off to a strong start: 힘차게 출발하다

* Ratings: 순위 평가

* Time slot: 시간대

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