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Boy band Mirae drops fresh album 'Boys will be Boys'

By Choi Ji-won

Published : July 20, 2023 - 19:22

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K-pop band Mirae poses for pictures during its 5th EP K-pop band Mirae poses for pictures during its 5th EP "Boys will be Boys" press conference held in Seoul on Wednesday. (RBW/DSP Media)

Recharged with youthful energy, K-pop band Mirae on Wednesday returned with its fifth EP, "Boys will be Boys."

The band held a media showcase event that afternoon in Seoul just before the album release.

This marks the seven-member group's return with a new release since with its fourth EP "Ourturn," which had marked the start of the group's new "Boy" series.

With "Boys will be Boys," Mirae members said they turned away from the "cosmic freshness" they showed in the previous album to flaunt a sporty and peppy side of boys.

The album concept has a basketball theme, as it is a sport the members enjoy playing.

Fronting the six-track package is "Jump!," a blend of pop, new jack swing and alternative rock genres popping with an addictive melody.

"It's a rhythmical song like a bouncy basketball. The choreography also has a move where we bounce a basketball," Lien, the group's only non-Korean member, said.

Do Hyun said the song hit the ears strong when he first heard it. "I could feel we'd have fun with the song. It also raised the anticipation about the dance moves."

Yu Bin, the band's youngest, said he hoped the song could uplift people on their way to school or work in the morning.

Adding to Yu Bin, Dong Pyo said, "It's easy on the ears but thrives with energy on the stage. The song will definitely make a cheerful day."

The singers also roll out different stories through five other songs listed on the album. "Girl" sings of a boy's heart shaken by first love, while "So Different" spells out the genuine emotions a boy faces for the first time.

With "Learn to Fly," a groovy nu-disco, the boys sing of their ambition to fly high and in "Drop the Bass," they smash out their powerful hip-hop beats. "Now & Forever" is a heartfelt letter to their fans, Now.

During the press conference, Mirae performed "Jump!" and "Girl." The band's leader Jun Hyuk sat on a chair and performed from the side due to an injured leg. He explained he removed the cast and was still getting treated.

"I'm recovering and unfortunately I won't be able to take part in the music show stages. Although it's a shame, health comes first if I want to perform on the stage for a long time," Jun Hyuk said.

The boys also talked about their recent experience at the RBW label concert in which Mirae took the stage along with many other renowned artists affiliated to the multi-label company, including Mamamoo Plus, Oh My Girl, Purple Kiss, Onewe, Oneus, ONF, Vromance and Lee Chaeyeon.

The seven-piece is housed under DSP Media, a subsidiary label of RBW.

"It was an honor to have taken the stage with senior artists who I have grown up dreaming to become like. It's inspired me to work even harder," Si Young said.

The label family concert is also set to take place in Japan on Aug. 19-20 at Tokyo Garden Theater.

A music show No. 1 is always on their mind, but Mirae said this time, their biggest goal with "Boys will be Boys" is to reunite with their fans.

"So many fans have waited for us during the break. We want to return their 10 months with the best stage possible," the band's main rapper Khael said.

Mirae, called Mirae Sonyeon in Korean, is a rookie team of a mostly hip-hop and R&B genre that debuted in March 2021.