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[팟캐스트] (397) 국내 취업포기자 5년 사이 58% 늘어/ 코로나19로 인한 노동력 부족 대응책 마련에 나선 한국

By Korea Herald

Published : March 31, 2021 - 09:59

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Workers sort goods at a parcel distribution center in Seoul. (Yonhap) Workers sort goods at a parcel distribution center in Seoul. (Yonhap)
진행자: 김혜연, Paul Kerry

1. Korea sees discouraged workers increase 58% in 5 years
In 14 months, de facto jobless among people aged 15-29 up 300,000

요약: 국내 취업포기자가 갈수록 늘고 있는 상황에서, 1년 2개월 후에는 사실상 15-29세 무직자가 30만 명 증가할 것으로 예측한다.

[1] The number of people who have given up on looking for jobs has shown a steady increase in South Korea since the nation started compiling the data in January 2014. They are dubbed “discouraged workers.”

*discouraged worker: 취업의욕 상실한 노동자
*de facto: (법적으로는 받아들여지지 않더라도) 사실상의, 실질적인
*compile: (여러 자료를 따와) 엮다, 편집하다
*dub: 별명을 붙이다

[2] The tally for discouraged workers counts people who did not carry out job-seeking activities during the prior four weeks or longer, though they had looked for jobs within the past 12 months.

*tally: (총계·총액을 계속 누적해 나가는) 기록, 부합하다

[3] Alongside sagging performances in the job creation sector in recent years, the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the growing pace of the figure, the state data showed.

*alongside: -옆에, 나란히
*sagging: 약화되다, (수적으로) 줄어들다

[4] It is estimated that a large portion of small and midsized businesses have scaled back the hiring of young workers, particularly women, over the past year since the epidemic initially hit the nation in late January 2020.

*scale back: (크기·규모를) 축소하다, 줄이다

[5] The extended-based jobless tally, which regards underemployed as de facto unemployed, shows the seriousness of the hiring market for the young generation.

*extended: 확장하다, 더 넓게 만들다
*underemployed: 불완전 고용 (취업)

기사 원문:

2. Korea scrambles to respond to labor shortage amid pandemic

Govt. eases regulations for industries immigration to allow more foreign workers

[1] The South Korean government and National Assembly are looking to ease regulations on employing foreign nationals and for immigration in the face of labor shortages brought on by the prolonged pandemic.

*scramble: 재빨리 움직이다(=clamber), 앞다투다 
*ease: 편해지다 (편하게 해 주다), 속도를 줄이다, (정도가) 덜해지다
*brought on by: -로 인한, -때문에

[2] On Friday, a bill to revise the act on the employment of foreign workers, which was proposed by Rep. Lee Jong-bae of the main opposition People Power Party, passed the plenary session of the National Assembly.

*revise: (의견·계획을) 변경하다, (내용을 바로잡기 위해) 개정, 수정하다
*propose: (계획·생각 등을) 제안하다

[3] The main focus of the bill is to increase the number of industries that can hire foreign workers and to extend the period of employment for foreign workers, for whom it has been difficult to enter and leave the country due to the pandemic.

*extend: 더 길게 [크게/넓게] 만들다, 연장하다

[4] When the enforcement ordinance changes under the revision, foreign workers will be allowed to work in jobs such as package sorter, the wholesale of fruit, vegetables and spices, meat transportation and mining. The ministry said the move was to relieve labor shortages at some industrial sites.

*ordinance: 법령, 조례
*sorter: 가려내는 사람, 선별기
*relieve:  (불쾌감·고통 등을) 덜어주다, (문제의 심각성을) 완화하다

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