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[팟캐스트] (393) 출생성비가 말해주는 사라진 ‘남아선호 사상’/ 영화 ‘미나리’ 골든글로브 외국어영화상 수상

By Kim Hae-yeon

Published : March 3, 2021 - 10:14

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Film Film "Minari" (Pancinema)

진행자: 김혜연 Naomi Garyan

1. Boys no longer preferred

요약: 통계청의 작년 출생성비가 104.9명을 기록하면서, 43년 만에 남자 아이 비중이 최저 수준을 기록했다.

[1] Statistics Korea’s data on Monday showed the male ratio at birth in South Korea fell to the lowest level last year, implicating the end of the country’s long-held tradition of boy preference.

*long-held: 오랫동안 간직해 온 (생각 따위를) 지니다, 믿다
*preference: 선호(도), 애호

[2] The gender ratio at birth, or the number of baby boys per every 100 baby girls born, stood at 104.9 in 2020 -- the lowest since the institution started to collect related data in 1990. The figure is close to a natural level observed worldwide of about 105 boys to every 100 girls.

*natural level: 자연 수위
*observed: -을 보다, 목격하다, 관찰하다

[3] This represents a significant drop from a peak of 116.6 baby boys in 1990, when a son preference still held sway. At that time, the gender imbalance was more pronounced for the third and fourth child of a family. In 1993, the sex ratio at birth for the third child reached 209.7.

*peak: 절정, 정점, 최고조
*hold sway: 지배하다
*imbalance: 불균형
*pronounced: 확연한, 단호한

[4] The ratio of male infants started to fall in the mid-1990s, coming down to 110.1 in 2000 and 106.2 in 2007. The figure slightly went up to 106.9 in 2010, but continued its downward spiral to reach the lowest level last year.

*slightly: 약간, 조금
*downward spiral: 급락하다, 아래쪽으로 내려가는, 하향의

기사 원문:

 2. ‘Minari’ wins best foreign film at Golden Globes

요약: 영화 ‘미나리’가 골든글로브 외국어영화상을 수상했다.

[1] Following the epic win of “Parasite” last year, “Minari,” a film by a Korean American director, won for best foreign-language film at the Golden Globe Awards on Monday.

*epic: 서사시, (사람들의 찬탄을 자아내는) 장대한 일

[2] A semi-autobiographical story by auteur Lee Isaac Chung, the film tells the story of a Korean American family seeking the American dream in rural Arkansas in the 1980s, featuring actors Steven Yeun, Han Ye-ri, Youn Yuh-Jung and more.

*semi-autobiographical: (부분) 자서전(체)의

[3] In a virtual ceremony held in Los Angeles and New York on Sunday evening there, “Minari” was named best motion picture in a foreign language. Other contenders were “Another Round” from Denmark, “La Llorona” from Guatemala, “The Life Ahead” from Italy and “Two of Us” from France.

*be named: 지명된
*contender: (어떤 것을 두고 겨루는) 도전자

[4] “‘Minari’ is about a family. It is a family trying to learn how to speak a language of its own,” director Lee, who is a second-generation Korean American himself, said in his acceptance speech. “It goes deeper than any American language and any foreign language; it is a language of the heart.”

*second-generation:  (이민) 2세의, 제2세대의
*acceptance speech: (후보 지명 등의) 수락 연설

[5] Chung’s acceptance speech was an apparent reference to the controversy over the film being nominated for the foreign-language film award because it does not meet the Golden Globes’ 50 percent English-language requirement.

* apparent: 분명한, 누가 봐도 알 수 있는
* controversy over: -에 대한 논란

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