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[팟캐스트] (392) 규탄 받는 램지어 교수의 “위안부는 매춘부” 논문 / 전기 침술로 불면증 완화할 수 있다는 연구 결과

By Kan Hyeong-woo

Published : Feb. 24, 2021 - 17:22

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진행자: 간형우, Brolley Genster

1. Harvard professor urged to offer apology for 'comfort women' claims

요약: 논란 일으킨 하버드대 램지어 교수의 “위안부는 매춘부” 논문에 대한 철회를 요구하는 학계

[1] A controversy surrounding a Harvard professor who wrote a journal article depicting victims of Japan’s wartime sexual slavery as voluntary prostitutes continues to escalate, with scholars, politicians and students demanding apologies and a retraction.

*prostitute: 매춘부
*escalate: 확대(증가/악화)되다
*retraction: 철회, 취소

[2] In the paper, titled “Contracting for sex in the Pacific War” and published online in the International Review of Law and Economics, Mark Ramseyer, Mitsubishi professor of Japanese legal studies at Harvard Law School, argued that Korean “comfort women” -- as they are often euphemistically labeled -- were part of Japan’s licensed prostitution system.

*comfort women: 위안부
*euphemistically: 완곡하게

[3] His arguments contradict the testimonies of survivors, who say they were either coerced or tricked into sex slavery, and the work of scholars who support their movement. Scholars estimate that between 170,000 and 200,000 women and girls were forced to work in Japan’s military brothels before and during World War II, and the UN acknowledges that this occurred.

*contradict: 모순되다, 부정하다
*coerce: 강압하다
*brothel: 매춘을 하는 집, 사창가

[4] Ramseyer’s claim has brought about serious debate in academia, with two fellow Harvard history professors releasing a joint statement last Thursday refuting his paper as groundless and asking the journal to retract it.

*academia: 학계
*refute: 반박하다, 부인하다
*groundless: 근거 없는

기사 원문:

2. Electroacupuncture can improve sleep, study suggests

요약: 전기 침술로 불면증 완화할 수 있다는 연구 결과 발표

[1] Insomnia is one of the most common sleep disorders. According to the National Health Insurance Service, some 640,000 people visited hospitals due to insomnia in 2019. The number of such visits has steadily increased over the past five years.

*insomnia: 불면증
*steadily: 꾸준하게
*disorder: 장애(이상), 엉망

[2] There might be hope. A recent study has found that electroacupuncture can help people suffering from insomnia. Used often in Korean traditional medicine, electroacupuncture involves administering small electric currents using thin needles inserted into the skin at specific points on the body.

*electroacupuncture: 전기 침술
*Korean traditional medicine: 전통 한의학
*administer: 관리하다, 집행하다

[3] A group of South Korean researchers divided 150 insomnia patients into three groups of 50. One group underwent 10 sessions of electroacupuncture for four weeks, while the second group underwent a sham electroacupuncture procedure where the needles were inserted into the wrong acupuncture points. A third group received no treatment from the researchers.

*undergo: 겪다, 치르다, 받다
*sham: 가짜, 사기꾼
*acupuncture: 침술

[4] Participants in the first and second groups were not allowed to receive any additional treatment for insomnia during the study period. But those in the third group could receive any treatments they wished except for Korean traditional remedies such as acupuncture and herbal medicine.

*additional: 추가의
*treatment: 치료, 처치
*except for: ~을 제외하고, ~없이

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