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Man gets jail for death threats against ex-girlfriend


A man in his 20s was handed a jail term for threatening to kill his ex-girlfriend over the course of several months through hundreds of text messages and emails.

According to a central Seoul district court Thursday, the 26-year-old was sentenced to 10 months in jail for making death threats against his ex-girlfriend, as well as her father.

The court said the man sent over 500 text messages and emails containing threats of death and violence between January and August last year.

In some of the text messages, he told her, “I will most certainly kill you. I mean it.” Attached were graphic images of a man assaulting a woman. To her father, he said, “You will get yours.”

He was also found guilty of posting her contact details on an online community without her knowledge.

The court said the victims had had to change their mobile numbers several times due to his harassment and reported experiencing extreme psychological distress.

His charges are intimidation and violations of telecommunications laws, among others.

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