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Med students face penalty for cheating in online exams


Medical students at Inha University are likely to face penalties for allegedly cheating on online exams by sharing answers in person or via phone and messenger services, as virtual lessons continue amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ninety-one medical students -- 50 in their first year and 41 in second year -- met in groups of up to nine to solve the problems together or shared answers electronically, the university said Monday.

The second-year students cheated in chapter review tests for the musculoskeletal system and the endocrine system subjects in March and April, and first-year pupils on their midterm exam for “general theories of basic medical sciences” in April.

Students who did not cheat raised the issue, prompting the school to cross-check students’ answer sheets and to recommend cheaters to come forward.

A total of 91 students admitted cheating, and a disciplinary committee decided late Monday to give them scores of zeroes on the tests, also ordering them to consult with their professors and do community service.

Inha University went entirely virtual for classes in the first semester due to the novel coronavirus outbreak.

Final exams for the first semester will be held in person, the school said.

By Kim So-hyun (