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Nutrimum bar contains essential nutrients for pregnant and lactating women: Nutricia

By Korea Herald

Published : May 28, 2020 - 13:32

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Recently, as the new coronavirus infection(COVID-19) has emerged as a major social problem, all men and women of all ages are paying attention to health functional foods to strengthen immunity.  In particular, while experiencing the pendemic, the highest-ranking infectious disease declared by the World Health Organization (WHO), the trend of 'Self-Medication', where people take care of themselves while the importance of hygiene and immunity management is imprinted on consumers is spreading.

According to the Korea Health Supplements Association, the size of the health functional food market in 2019 was 4,582 billion won. If the growth rate of this year reaches 5 ~ 9% over the past year due to Corona 19, the overall market size is expected to grow from 4 trillion 700 billion won to 4 trillion 900 billion won.
It was confirmed that the interest in health from the younger people was large enough to be counted as 47.9% and 56.8% of the health function intake rate in the 20s and 30s. As the market for 3 trillion won simple substitutes is rapidly growing, the popularity of simple nutritious snacks that can more easily charge nutrients and boost immunity is increasing.
In the nutrition bar market, it is found that it grows 15% annually, and it is estimated to be very popular from young ages. This is because the nutritional bar with nutrition evenly selected by customers in their twenties and thirties, who value convenience and functionality. And, also they prefers it because of its good taste and convenience to intake, just like side dishes.
Recently, around this trends, a special nutrition bar has been released for the pregnant women and nursing mothers for the health of born babies.
'Nutrimum', which was launched from Nutricia, a leading company in the field of specialized food for infants and toddlers and a famous manufacturer of imported milk powder Aptamil, has recently gained great popularity among pregnant and lactating women.

Nutricia's Nutrimum (Left: for pregnant women, Right: for nursing women) Nutricia's Nutrimum (Left: for pregnant women, Right: for nursing women)
Launched as a special-purpose nutrition bar made for both pregnant women and nursing mothers, this product has accumulated over 15,000 free sample requests through the Nutricia’ SNS channel(Kakao Channel) since February. It is getting great response from pregnant and lactating women.
In fact, there is a shortage of healthy snacks for pregnant and lactating women in Korea, Nutrimum has the advantage of being able to consume nutrients more conveniently and healthily by dividing and releasing products for pregnant and lactating women. In particular, it is spotlighted as a healthy snack perfect for pregnant women who are sensitive to morning sickness.
Normally, during pregnancy, the blood volume to be supplied to the fetus increases by about 45%. In this case, sufficient nutrients such as iron and folic acid are needed for healthy fetus. Nutrimum contains a large amount of nutrients essential for pregnant women.
Also the folic acid is an important component for cell and blood production and is classified as an essential nutrient for normal development of the neural tube of the fetus in early pregnancy. It's easy to get essential nutrients whenever and when you're out.
Folic acid has also been recommended by NSF International since 1992 for all women of childbearing potential to consuming 400 µg of folic acid per day.
In addition, Nutrimum has nutrients for the growth of the fetus and placenta during pregnancy and iron to prevent anemia.
Nutricia's marketing representatives said, “Nutrimum is an easy-to-use nutrition bar based on R & D research and experience in nutrition for infants and toddlers who have accumulated over 120 years with the aim of helping balanced nutrition in pregnancy and lactating mothers.” And, “The product quality is proven among mothers, and word of mouth is growing.”
Nutricia is the world's leading food company which is Danon's Infant & Toddler Division. Nutricia plans to bring its breadth of knowledge to the country with 120 years of experience in its category and over 40 years of dedicated research and development. At the Nutricia institute, more than 500 experts in the fields of technology, life and food science have been developing balanced nutrition solutions tailored to the characteristics of each consumer.
The company is well known for its Evian, Greek yogurt, and Aptamil brands, and is planning to release Kindemilch for nutritional balance for babies after age 2. According to market research agency Nielsen report, Nutricia has continued to grow in the European market, ranking first in market share in terms of sales and sales in the infant and nutrition sector in 18 major European countries, including the UK, Germany, France, the Netherlands and Spain.

This is a press release from Nutricia. --Ed