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Marketing of e-cigarettes to be banned

The advertising of electronic cigarettes will soon be banned.

The Ministry of Health and Welfare on Monday issued a notice on revision of the National Health Promotion Act concerning restrictions on e-cigarette advertisements. The amendment will take effect six months after the bill is passed at the National Assembly. 


The revised law prohibits not only promotions of e-cigarettes, but any kind of marketing that could induce consumption of tobacco products, such as promotions of products that could cause nicotine addiction and devices used exclusively for smoking.

Providing gifts or services of any kind -- such as after-sales service care and free products -- to lure customers is also forbidden. Commercial postings online about experiences using e-cigarettes or related products are also prohibited.

In addition, the bill states that products that include nicotine or could cause nicotine addiction but are not strictly categorized as tobacco under the Tobacco Business Act cannot be sold as “tobacco.”

Those found in violation of the law will be fined between 3 million won ($2,533) and 5 million won.

By Choi Ji-won  (