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Police investigate consecutive cases of cars pasted with adhesives in Gwangju

Two reports of cars damaged by adhesives were made in less than two weeks, local police in Gwangju said Monday. 


According to Gwangju Bukbu Police Station, a man in his 60s reported on Sunday that he found his car covered in what is thought to be strong adhesive material on the front side and on parts of the windshield. The automobile owner told the police he had parked the car at his studio apartment building at around 1:30 p.m. on Saturday and when he returned at around 9:30 a.m. on Sunday, he found the car covered with what appears to be adhesive material.

A similar incident occurred less than two weeks ago in the same vicinity. On Aug. 28, a luxury car was discovered sprayed on the outside with greyish glutinous material. The car’s owner spent around 7 million won ($5,860) to remove the adhesive and fix the damage.

The police stated it is highly unlikely that the two crimes were committed by the same person based on the differences found in the methods and locations of crime.

The police are investigating both cases and stated they will book the convicts on charges of property damage.

By Choi Ji-won (