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Gmarket curates Chuseok gift ideas for expats in Korea

An estimated 1.7 million expatriates reside in Korea, according to the latest figures from the Ministry of Justice. More among the foreign population shop for groceries online via locally operated platforms, where there are options to shop vegetarian, omnivorously or halal.

Reflecting the growing demand from foreign consumers, local online marketplace Gmarket, operated by eBay Korea, said Wednesday that it has launched the Hansoowe Gift Set, with curated and discounted gift items exclusive to the expat population who will spend Chuseok in Korea. 

Gmarket’s Hansoowe Chuseok discount event (eBay Korea)
Gmarket’s Hansoowe Chuseok discount event (eBay Korea)

Hansoowee is a play on words for Hangawee, which is another name for Chuseok, the Korean Thanksgiving holiday. Hansoowee holds the double meaning of also being in a higher tier.

The Hansoowee event encompasses products ranging from meat and vegetables to processed food and living goods and runs through Sept. 8.

Gmarket launched an English version of its shop in 2006 and Chinese version in 2013 to cater to a growing number of international customers wishing to purchase Korean goods. The Gmarket global shop also ships to over 80 countries.

Gmarket said that in its analysis of popularly sold items, Korean rice was among the top 30. Organic baby snacks and baby-related products were especially popular among customers originating from Taiwan, China, Malaysia and Singapore.

Gmarket delivers within three Korean working days once an order is placed. Gmarket accepts foreign cards and payment options including PayPal and Alipay.

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