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Visit Buddhist temples via bus at discounted price

As part of the promotion for its Templestay programs – one- and two-day events featuring hands-on programs related to Buddhism and the related culture – the Korean Buddhist Cultural Foundation is launching special packages that include transportation options.

As Korean temples are often located at remote mountains, it is often not easy for individuals, including foreign tourists, to visit the establishments on foot or by public transportation. Taking note of the situation, the foundation, in charge of arranging Templestay programs nationwide, has prepared special tour options to cover transportation. 

Poster image for Templestay bus tour programs (Korean Buddhist Cultural Foundation)
Poster image for Templestay bus tour programs (Korean Buddhist Cultural Foundation)

On April 30, a bus will leave for the temple Jingwansa, located in western Seoul, for a half-day Templestay program. Situated in the outskirts of Seoul, the temple is not far away, yet still provides a seclusion from busy city life.

On May 2 and 3, an overnight-stay at Geumseonsa in Seoul is being arranged. Visiting the temple situated on the steep mountain ridges of Bukhansan, participants will be able to enjoy a panoramic view of Seoul.

A full one-day program for Bongseonsa in Gyeonggi Province and an overnight program at Magoksa in South Chungcheong Province are slated for May 11 and May 30-31, respectively.

Covering transportation, English interpretation and meals, prices vary from 10,000 to 60,000 won ($8.80-$53) depending on the program.

Activities offered differ, but usually allow participants the chance to take part in traditional tea ceremonies, make items related to Buddhism rituals, perform 108 prostrations, or bows, and participate in Buddhist chanting.

All buses leave from the Templestay Information Center, located near Jogyesa in central Seoul. Payment will be accepted on-site and reservations can be made via email.

For more information, check the English website at

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