Burning Sun scandal investigation targets six incumbent police officers

By Kim Bo-gyung
  • Published : Apr 2, 2019 - 18:22
  • Updated : Apr 2, 2019 - 18:22

The National Assembly’s Intelligence Committee on Tuesday said six incumbent police officers have been targeted in the ongoing Burning Sun investigation, with four of them being booked.

“Six incumbent policemen are targets in the investigation. One has been booked on charges of dereliction of duty in the process of handling a report on an underage customer of the club. Three have been booked for abuse of power and leaking confidential information to protect high-ranking police officers,” said Rep. Lee Eun-jae of the Liberty Korea Party after a closed-door committee briefing by National Police Agency Chief Min Gap-ryong.

Lee added a former police officer had been arrested and booked on charges of acting as a broker in the case concerning an underage clubgoer. 

Chief of the National Police Agency Min Gap-ryong attend a briefing with the National Assembly's intelligence committee on Tuesday. (Yonhap)

Police are conducting an internal investigation on two police officers tied to a petition filed by whistleblower Kim Sang-kyo with the country’s human rights agency, which alleged that police violated his basic rights last November when he called police for help.

Meanwhile, Rep. Kim Min-ki of the ruling Democratic Party said the woman who had received a copy of a CD alleged to contain footage showing ex-Vice Justice Minister Kim Hak-eui’s face submitted the recorded clip to police on March 19, 2012. She had received the copy from a man who found the CD in a car that he had been asked to bring back from Yoon Jung-cheon, who had borrowed the car from the woman.

This is six days after the date SMEs and Startups Minister nominee Park Young-sun claimed to have notified then-Justice Minister Hwang Kyo-ahn concerning Kim Hak-eui’s alleged sex bribery and sexual assault.

Last week, Park posted three tweets that included a printed 2013 weekly calendar showing her meeting with Hwang Kyo-ahn scheduled for March 13, 2013 at 4:40p.m. Park was the head of the National Assembly’s Legislation and Judiciary Committee at the time. 

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