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WJSN sings about complications of love in ‘La La Love’

WJSN, also known as Cosmic Girls, has a lot to say about love with its new track “La La Love.” 

“This is our first release of the year, and as the new year comes with a lot of expectations and love, our new song is full of love and fluttering feelings,” said Eunseo during the group’s media showcase for its new album in Seoul on Tuesday.

(Video shot and edited by Ra Kyoo-yung/The Korea Herald)

“We’ve been very busy lately, as we had to prepare for the new album and attend award shows at the same time. But we feel so proud of it,” Exy added.

The track, which fronts the act’s sixth EP, “WJ Stay,” touches on various complicated aspects of love as the bandmates sing about cherishing moments with their loved ones as if capturing them in photos. It features 10 of the band’s 13 members. The group’s three Chinese members, Cheng Xiao, Mei Qui and Xuan Yi, are currently absent, as they are pursuing individual activities.

Built around string and retro sounds, “La La Love,” created by the Full8loom team, who also worked on the act’s previous single “Save Me, Save You,” veers toward the act’s signature saccharine sound with a slight touch of dreamy electro pop.
(Starship Entertainment)
(Starship Entertainment)

“While we used to showcase our powerful and charismatic sides in our previous album, we tried to focus on our bright sides,” Dayoung said.

The music video of the song, shot against the backdrop of a festive carnival, also overflows with vibrant colors and magical elements.

The seven-track album includes “You Got,” “Star,” “Memories,” “Cantabile,” “12 O’clock” and “Ujung.”

All of the songs feature Exy, the team’s rapper, as a co-writer, while Dawon was credited as both composer and writer in “Ujung,” a sweet rhythm-and-blues number dedicated to the act’s fan base Ujung.

After debuting in February 2016 with the double singles “Mo Mo Mo” and “Catch Me,” WJSN gained international following with its girlish image and distinct concepts. 

(Starship Entertainment)
(Starship Entertainment)

In October last year, the group saw its first win on a music show, on SBS MTV’s “The Show,” with its hit “Save Me, Save You” from its fifth EP, “WJ Please.”

Asked about the group’s New Year’s resolutions and goals, Yeonjung said, “We would like to become a triple-crown winner on music shows with ‘La La Love.’”

Exy added, “I have a very good feeling about this year. This year, I’d like to have more chances to meet our global fans and hold another solo concert.”

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