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[Trending] Shin Se-kyung’s YouTube channel creates online buzz

Top Korean actress Shin Se-kyung launched her YouTube channel and social media is abuzz concerning the celebrity’s self-made vlogs.

The actress opened the channel in late September and uploaded her first video on Oct. 7 with the lengthy title “Daily life with JinSa, baking a spinach flatbread, mom makes me a red velvet cake, going for a walk and hanging out with friends.”

“Hello, I’m a sister of Jinkook and Sarang,” Shin wrote in the caption of the video, referring to the featured dogs. 

(Shin`s YouTube channel)
(Shin`s YouTube channel)

“I edited my first vlog video. It’s not perfect yet, but I tried my best as I wanted to share my everyday life (with you). It’s a bit boring but I hope you enjoy!” Shin added.

The first video was reuploaded on Oct. 29 due to technical problems. Shin explained, “The video (and editing process) looks sloppy, but it means a lot to me as it contains a beginner’s mind.”

In her two other videos, she revealed her daily routine, which included attending a concert, baking cakes, preparing meals, walking her dogs and editing videos on her own in a room.

Shin’s sudden debut on YouTube soon went viral. As of Wednesday, the oldest video in her channel had garnered more than 1.4 million views and 5,100 comments. The channel also broke 270,000 subscribers in just five weeks.

Many of the comments praised Shin for her beauty, saying she was disturbing the “YouTube ecosystem.”

“I’ve seen many pretty YouTube creators in Korea, but Shin is definitely the queen,” a YouTuber wrote in a comment.

“Please film your face more in the video. Watching beautiful things brings peace in people’s mind,” another user wrote, receiving more than 4,400 likes.

Some fans pointed out the comfortable, natural mood of the videos.

“Many users are talking about Shin’s face, but the videos themselves have a unique and calm mood,” a YouTube comment said.

“Her voice sounds so comfortable to my ears. Why don’t you make ASMR videos?” another user asked.

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