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[Newsmaker] YouTube content creator threatens murder, Busan police say

By Catherine Chung

Published : Sept. 28, 2018 - 13:41

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Busan police officers say they were notified around 2 a.m. Friday of an erratic YouTube content creator who had told viewers he intended to commit murder.

According to the Busan Metropolitan Police Agency, three callers initially called 112 to report a YouTuber “livestreaming a video of himself on a taxi ride over to kill someone.” Shortly after, five more people called to alert officers of the situation, police added. 


The 49-year-old man was reportedly hosting a poker-themed broadcast when an opponent criticized the way he was playing the game. In response, the YouTube host called for a “face-to-face fight,” according to viewers. 

Police were able to pinpoint his exact location, a residential neighborhood in Jurae-dong, Busan, from the YouTube video footage.

(Screen-captured from YouTube content creator`s channel) (Screen-captured from YouTube content creator`s channel)

Dispatched officers said the man “asked to be arrested if he (had) done anything wrong.” He then pulled down his pants to urinate in front of the officers, all the while continuing with the live broadcast.

Authorities said the man was given a strict warning and penalized for public urination.

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