[Video] Zico raves about Pyongyang naengmyeon

By Yoon Min-sik
  • Published : Sept 19, 2018 - 21:07
  • Updated : Sept 20, 2018 - 17:56

Pyongyang-style naengmyeon is one of North Korea’s most popular delicacies, and President Moon Jae-in’s special entourage to Pyongyang -- including K-pop icon Zico – were given a chance to sample the real thing during their time in the city.

(Footage from Pyeongyang Press Corps, edited by Park Ju-young / The Korea Herald)

The rapper and producer -- along with other members of the entourage including singers Ailee, Ali, magician Choi Hyun-woo, and soccer legend Cha Bum-keun -- joined the first couples of the two Koreas in a luncheon at the famous Okryugwan restaurant in Pyongyang and shared what he thought of the dish.

From left: Zico, Ali, Choi Hyun-woo and Ailee (Joint Press Corp.)

“Even back in Seoul, I frequently enjoy Pyongyang naengmyeon. I visit the (naengmeyon) eateries whenever I’ve finished work or am on a break,” Zico told the South Korean Joint Press Corp. “I was expecting (naengmyeon’s flavor to be) a maximum version of the Pyongyang naengmyeon that I’ve tasted (in Seoul), but this was completely different.”

“It’s not just the noodles, but we (in South Korea) usually add vinegar and mustard. But (in Pyongyang) they also add a special sauce that turns the naengmyeon red. It’s a little spicy and a different flavor. It’s very delicious,” he said, adding that the naengmyeon had a “balanced flavor.”

“I’m stuffed, but I’m seriously contemplating whether I should get another bowl,” he told reporters.

Okryugwan (Pyongyang Press Corps.)

By Joint Press Corp. (minsikyoon@heraldcorp.com)