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Principal found dead after teacher revealed raping disabled students

A principal of a special school for disabled students in Gangwon Province was found dead Thursday morning, days after the revelation that one of the teachers had sexually harassed and raped students with mental disabilities over several years.

According to police, an apartment security guard found the 68-year-old principal lying dead in a flower bed in front of the apartment building, and reported it to police at 4:55 a.m. 


The principal is presumed to have died by suicide, police said. Previously on Monday, she had knelt and issued an apology over the sexual assault case at the briefing room of Taebaek City Hall.

On Wednesday, prosecutors sought an arrest warrant for the alleged abuser, 44, in Taebaek. The suspect is accused of sexually harassing and raping three students in classrooms and the gym dating to 2014. He is reported to have admitted to the charges.

Gangwon Provincial Education Office launched an investigation into the special school on Wednesday.

Police have requested the Gangwon Provincial Office of Education penalize another teacher at the school for not reporting the sexual misconduct after one of the victims spoke up about it last year.

By Jo He-rim (