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‘Food Diary’ to show celebs’ farm life, farm-to-table process

With food-related variety programs still enjoying their longevity in Korea, tvN’s new variety show “Food Diary” is set to ride on the wave, but with a focus on the process of how food is brought to our table.

“While there are many other food variety shows, our program derives from a question of where the food on our table comes from, and how much collaborative efforts are needed before that one dish is consumed,” said producer Lee Geun-chan during a press conference for “Food Diary” in Seoul on Friday, attended by the program cast and co-producer Jung Sang-won. 

Casts of tvN‘s new variety program “Food Diary” pose during a press conference in Seoul on Friday. (CJ E&M)
Casts of tvN‘s new variety program “Food Diary” pose during a press conference in Seoul on Friday. (CJ E&M)

In order to show the farm-to-table process in detail, the program will narrow down to one specific dish, braised spicy chicken, and feature seven celebrities -- BoA, YooA of Oh My Girl, Taeyong of NCT, Lee Soo-geun, Seo Jang-hoon, Park Sung-gwang and German personality Nick -- as farmers who will grow every ingredient for the dish. The producer explained that the procedures of making the dish will be very slow-paced, as the farmers will start from scratch by building a house, harvesting vegetables and raising a chicken.

“Our goal is not to do well as farmers. Farming life will be unfamiliar to Taeyong and YooA, especially, who grew up in Seoul. But what we want to share is that joy of stepping on the soil and raising awareness of every effort made in the process of bringing food to the table,” producer Lee added.

Three high-profile K-pop stars BoA, YooA and Taeyong, who rarely appear on variety shows, also shared how it has been to smother their hands and feet in earth.

“My parents used to grow a small garden when I was young. Back then, I didn’t have much thought on the process of growing vegetables. But now that I’ve done muckspreading and furrowing, from zero to ten, I’m grateful for all the farmers’ work,” BoA said. Taeyong also shared that he’s been learning how to use a shovel and a hoe for the first time in his life.

“Our cast is also very engaged in the farm life, as many of them are visiting the farm to take care of vegetables even when they are not shooting the program,” producer Lee said.

“Food Diary” is set to air its first episode on May 30 at 9:30 p.m.

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