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Naver claims news page to be balanced despite scandal

South Korea‘s top portal operator Naver Corp. said Monday its news section maintains balance despite rising suspicions over its neutrality after the company recently admitted to intentionally editing sports news rankings.

Last month, Naver admitted rearranging its news page at the request of an official from the Korea Professional Football League, who wanted negative news about the body to be less conspicuous on the portal.


“While we express our apology over the issue on the sports section, we feel we are being wrongly accused to have our political balance questioned due to the case,” an official from Naver said during a conference hosted by the Korea Press Foundation.

“Naver is the only portal around the globe which opens its news arrangement history every minutes. While some question the transparency of the process, we believe (the suspicions) can be explained through the outcome,” the official said.

Naver said it eventually plans to fully automate its news arrangement, but claimed involvement by staff is also inevitable until it achieves perfection in terms of technology.

Naver portal operator added it plans to come up with a reliable system for its news platform by the first quarter of 2018. (Yonhap)