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Yello Financial Group gets new name

[THE INVESTOR] Yellow Financial Group, a business group consisting of financial startups, has renamed itself as DAYLI Financial Group, the company said on Dec. 8.

“Based on technologies, data, and the grit that we call the ‘DAYLI spirit’, it has been DAYLI Financial Group’s mission since establishment to provide digital financial services that can enrich customers’ daily lives,” CEO Sean Shin said.

“The new name will help clarify the corporate vision both internally and externally,“ he added.

The decision was approved at an extraordinary general meeting of shareholders on Dec. 2, according the company.

The name of some of the group’s subsidiaries including Yello Marketplace and Yello Dataworks have been renamed as well in accordance with the name change.

Machine learning-powered financial solutions developer Solidware, personal financial management platform operator Broccoli and robo advisor firm Quarterback Investments are under its wing.

By Kim Young-won (