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[팟캐스트](129) 박근혜 대통령, 서명운동 동참 외 1건

진행자: 석지현, Paul Kerry

1. 박근혜 대통령, 입법 촉구 서명운동 직접 동참

기사요약: 대한상공회의소 등 38개 경제단체 등이 국회의 민생법안 처리를 촉구하는 서명운동을 시작했다. 박근혜 대통령도 이와 관련해 경제법안의 국회 처리를 압박하기 위한 ‘민생 살리기 입법촉구 1000만 명 서명운동’에 대한 국민의 동참을 호소했습니다.

Park advocates petition campaign on labor bills

[1] Stepping up the pressure upon the National Assembly to pass the pending labor reform bills, President Park Geun-hye repeated her calls for the nation on Tuesday to participate in a petition campaign led by economic organizations.

*Step up: 강화하다, 증가시키다 (=Ratchet up 단계적으로 증가시키다/올리다)
*Pending: 미결, 계류 중인
*Repeat calls: 요구를 반복하다(=reiterate request)

[2] In response to the growing criticism that her participation infringed upon the legislature’s independence, the president claimed that the petition was the last resort to save the economy and to boost employment.

*In response to: ~에 대응하여, ~과 관련하여. (=Regarding~ issue)
*infringe upon: 침해하다
*resort: 최후의 수단

[3] “Companies, whether conglomerates or small and medium-sized firms, have repeatedly appealed for the passage of the pending bills, but the National Assembly has neglected their needs,” Park said at the Cabinet meeting.

*appeal for: 호소 혹은 간청하다
*neglect: 무시하다, 등한하다. (=ignore, overlook)


2. 환경부, 아우디 폭스바겐코리아 검찰 고발

기사요약: 환경부가 폭스바겐의 배기가스 배출량 조작을 두고 형사고발이라는 초강수 카드를 내놨다. 부처의 리콜 명령을 따르지 않았다는 이유다.

Ministry files suit against Volkswagen Korea

[1] South Korea’s Environment Ministry filed a criminal suit with the prosecution Tuesday against the local unit of Volkswagen over the global automaker’s emissions rigging scandal.

*file suit against: ~를 상대로 소송하다
*rigging: 조작 (rig=fabricate, manipulate) (forge a document)
[2] The suit was filed against Johannes Thammer, managing director of Audi Volkswagen Korea, after the world’s largest automaker failed to satisfy the nation‘s legal requirements in its recall plan, the ministry said.

*satisfy… requirement: 요구를 충족시키다 (=Meet the requirement)

[3] Thammer was accused of violating the Clean Air Conservation Act, which can carry a prison term of up to five years and a penalty of up to 30 million won ($25,000).

*carry: 동반하다, 수반하다 (carry out: 이행하다)