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Survey reveals how not to get a job

By 문예빈

Published : Jan. 9, 2013 - 14:53

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Failure to appear interested in the job during an interview was the No. 1 mistake made by job seekers, a survey of hiring managers found.

In a survey conducted for employment agency CareerBuilder by Harris Interactive, 62 percent of hiring managers said an apparent lack of interest was among the mistakes made during interviews by job candidates.

"A lack of enthusiasm can leave the employer feeling less than enthusiastic about you as a candidate," CareerBuilder said in a news release Wednesday.

The second most commonly mentioned mistake is, perhaps, related to that: Answering a cellphone during an interview. Sixty percent of hiring managers mentioned that as a reason candidates failed to get the job.

When it comes to dressing for the interview, "It is better to err on the conservative," CareerBuilder said, as 60 percent of hiring managers said dressing inappropriately derailed job candidates.

Almost as many -- 58 percent -- of hiring managers indicated being negative about a former or current employer ended a job candidate's chances of getting a job.

Poor body language also figured in to the equation, hiring managers said. Poor eye contact, failing to smile, weak handshakes and poor posture can deep-six a job candidate's chances, CareerBuilder said.

The survey was conducted in November and involved interviews with 2,600 hiring managers nationwide.

With 95 percent certainty, the results of the survey have a margin of error of plus or minus 1.92 percentage points, Harris Interactive said.

The survey also revealed some classic gaffes made during interviews, including a job candidate who called his wife during the interview to see what was for dinner and a candidate who asked that the starting date of a job be delayed so she could receive holiday gifts from vendors at her current job.

One candidate blew his chances by telling the interview he would do whatever it took to get the job, whether it was legal or not.

Another mentioned he had to quit his job at a bank because of the temptation to steal.

Another called a current employer during an interview and faked being sick, CareerBuilder said. (UPI)

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면접관의 눈으로 본 취직실패의 이유

구직활동에 실패하는 가장 큰 이유는 면접관들의 관심을 끌지 못해서라는 설문조사결과가 나왔다.

미국 최대의 온라인 구직사이트 CareerBuilder가 실시한 조사에 따르면 62퍼센트의 면접관들이 자신의 이목을 끌지 못하는 구직자들을 채용하지 않았다고 한다.

두 번째 이유로는 면접 중 핸드폰 사용이 꼽혔다. 약 60퍼센트의 면접관들이 구직자를 채용하지 않는 이유로 핸드폰 사용을 지적했다.

눈을 제대로 맞추지 못하는 것, 쓸데없는 몸동작, 굳은 얼굴, 약하게 쥐는 악수 또한 합격으로부터 멀어지는 지름길이라고 관계자는 언급했다.

이번 설문조사는 작년 11월 전미 2,600명의 인사팀 전문가에게 실시되었다.

면접 중 자주 일어나는 황당한 일화도 소개되었다. 한 구직자는 면접 중 저녁으로 무엇을 먹고 싶은지에 대해 아내와 통화를 하였으며 또다른 구직자는 지금 다니고 있는 직장에서 휴가 보너스를 받기 위해 입사날짜를 미뤄달라는 부탁도 했다.

한 구직자는 불법적인 일이라도 회사를 위해서라면 무엇이든지 하겠다라는 이야기를 하여 안타깝게도 불합격 처리되었다.

은행에서 근무했던 한 구직자는 돈을 훔치고 싶은 욕구가 커서 은행일을 그만둬야했다고 밝혔고, 또다른 구직자는 면접에 불참한 뒤 몸이 안좋았다고 거짓말을 했다고 한다. (코리아헤럴드)