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LG 3-D TV provides eye-comfortable watch

First of all, it is an honor that the print advertisement of LG INFINIA Cinema 3-D TV has been awarded the silver prize by The Korea Herald. We would like to express our gratitude to our consumers of LG’s 3-D TVs through this opportunity.

The newspaper advertisement of the LG INFINIA Cinema 3-D TV and 3-D glasses is part of a series of advertisements designed to focus on the advantages of the Cinema 3-D glasses that are not equipped with electric circuits or batteries among the other benefits. It was created in line with other advertisements for print such as “Cinema 3-D that could be watched while lying down” and “3-D TV with glasses that could be clipped for those who originally wear glasses.”

The head copy that reads, “Words are unnecessary, see it yourselves” was an expression set forth by LG Electronics to publicize the competitiveness of LG’s superb 3-D technology. The Cinema 3-D glasses, which are light and designed by Alain Mikli, added a point of differentiation to the company’s 3-D TV that is being advertised by our celebrity male model Won Bin.

LG Electronics will continue to produce a greater lineup of 3-D TVs that are based on the world’s finest technologies and go forward with our promotion campaign for the consumers to think of LG when it comes to 3-D.

We once again thank The Korea Herald for granting us this award and also thank our customers who have been showing continual support for LG Cinema 3-D TV. Thank you very much.
Oh Sea-chun
Oh Sea-chun

By Oh Sea-chun
Senior manager of the corporate communications team at LG Electronics