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Doosan’s philosophy of ‘believing in people’

First of all, I’d like to offer my deepest thanks to The Korea Herald for the honor of the advertising award. It has been three years since Doosan’s commercials ― “Human is the future” (People are the greatest asset for realizing our aspirations) ― started. Since the commercials maintained a unified theme for the campaign period, Doosan’s message was received as worth noting among many different corporate commercials.

We started the campaign to communicate Doosan’s philosophy of “believing in people” as the core of business growth and an important part of our corporate value. At the same time, we intended to express our warm encouragement and empathy toward the young who were trying to develop themselves continuously for their better future.

The core messages of this campaign are based on the ideas of Doosan’s top management. Doosan’s top management have extended efforts to communicate with youngsters through SNS or lectures at colleges. Through these communications, young people asked for CEOs’ advice regarding studying, job search, and their life at work among other things and the CEOs provided them short but witty advice based on their management philosophy and opinions. The same philosophy is shared with the campaign that people are the greatest asset for realizing Doosan’s aspirations.

As a result, the campaign was designated as the most popular corporate advertisement in a survey of 900 college students, conducted from Feb. 9 to March 24 this year.

This reflects that our target audience, the young, evaluated the campaign positively and contributed to the steady rise of the campaign’s popularity because the ad spoke from their side. Also, it can be said that there is a positive consensus among the public on the corporate culture of Doosan that deeply values people.

Doosan will continue to make efforts to deliver its philosophy prioritizing belief in “people” as well as to communicate with the young. We kindly ask for the continuous support for Doosan’s sincere voice.
Choi Myung-wha
Choi Myung-wha

By Choi Myung-wha
Executive managing director at Doosan Group
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