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[Today’s K-pop] BTS’ Jungkook to fly to Qatar via chartered jet: report

(Credit: Big Hit Music)
(Credit: Big Hit Music)

Jungkook of BTS will leave Seoul Tuesday and fly over to Doha, Qatar with a chartered jet, said a local media report on Monday.

Label Big Hit Music refrained from confirming the schedule following the report.

He is set to join the opening ceremony for FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 that will be held on Sunday. The management company announced on Sunday that he will participate in the performance for the ceremony as well as the official soundtrack for the soccer event. Six to seven musicians from around the world are invited to perform at the opening stage, according to the football association, before the opening match between Qatar and Ecuador.

Last month, he visited the host country on his own, fueling speculation that he will join the promotion for the quadrennial tournament.


Aespa to launch reality show: report

(Credit: SM Entertainment)
(Credit: SM Entertainment)

Girl group aespa will unveil its first reality show next month, according to a local media report on Monday.

The four members have finished shooting the show that follow them around major tourist destinations in Gangwon Province. The show will be available through over-the-top service provider Wave.

The quartet debuted two years ago with single “Black Mamba” and has released a series of hit songs such as “Next Level,” “Savage” and “Girls.”

Last month it put out remix version of “Girls” as part of iScreaM project from ScreaM Records, its label’s EDM arm. The song fronted its second EP of the same title that came out in July and the album sold over 1.64 million copies. It sold more than 1.12 million copies in the first week, becoming the first album ever to sell more than 1 million units from a K-pop girl group at the time.


EXO’s Chen brings out new solo album after 3 years

(Credit: SM Entertainment)
(Credit: SM Entertainment)

Chen of EXO defined his third solo EP as a new beginning, in a media showcase held on Monday.

EP “Last Scene” comes about three years since his previous solo EP “Dear My Dear.” During those years, there have been major changes for the singer, he admitted, and he wanted to show who he is now rather than who he was.

“Through all the experiences over the last three years, I myself have changed,” he explained. He told himself to start fresh based on those experiences, including getting married, having kids and completing military service.

The new EP consists of six tracks including titular track.

“Listening to it for the first time made me feel so hollow and lonely … I’ve put a lot of thought into it,” he said. But he chose it as main track because it sounded so much like his own, not because it is a ballad, he added.


Oh My Girl’s YooA to prove herself again with 2nd solo EP

(Credit: WM Entertainment)
(Credit: WM Entertainment)

YooA of Oh My Girl held a media showcase Monday to bring out her second solo EP “Selfish.”

It has been about two years since her first “Bon Voyage” and even though she is nervous and anxious, it makes the performer excited the most.

“I am so happy that I can do solo again … proud that I get to show YooA as a solo musician as well,” she said. She has gone for a sophisticated concept this time, and changing the image from a dreamy girl scared her a bit.

The success of her first EP added pressure, for sure, but she tried to believe that putting in her best will bring good results.

“And I also believe in myself,” she said confidently before adding “Hopefully, there will not be too many limits to YooA as a solo musician.”


By Hwang You-mee


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