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S. Korean lawmaker’s son, rapper No:el, assaults police, video shows

Chang Yong-joon, better known as rapper No:el (Yonhap)
Chang Yong-joon, better known as rapper No:el (Yonhap)

Chang Yong-joon, better known as rapper No:el and the son of lawmaker Rep. Chang Je-won, had insulted and assaulted a police officer after refusing to comply with a breathalyzer test that followed a car accident in September, according to a video shown in court.

Prosecutors revealed the video during a trial at Seoul Central District Court on Monday, where Chang refused to admit his noncompliance with the breathalyzer test and that he had physically attacked a police officer.

In the video, Chang denies that he drove the car, which was involved in the car accident. The video also showed him rejecting the sobriety test and swearing at the police.

Chang also tussled with police on the scene, the footage showed. He also resisted getting into a police patrol vehicle. Police had to use handcuffs to subdue Chang and guide him into a police vehicle.

Even after he got into the vehicle, Chang continued to physically assault a police officer. The video footage showed Chang headbutting the police officer next to him.

Chang previously testified that he accidently hit the police officer’s head as he was convulsing in pain as a result of being handcuffed.

The police, however, stated that he couldn’t help but think Chang’s assault was deliberate as Chang headbutted him twice in a row.

Chang was arrested in September for refusing to comply with a breathalyzer test and assaulting the police after a car accident.

Earlier in 2019, Chang was sentenced to 18 months in prison with a two-year suspension for crashing into a motorcycle while drunk.

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