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80-something man arrested for murder of wife

Emblem of the Korean National Police Agency (Yonhap)
Emblem of the Korean National Police Agency (Yonhap)
A man in his 80s who is believed to have murdered his wife over suspicion of a possible relationship with another man has been arrested, police said Thursday.

The case has been sent to the prosecutor’s office for further investigation.

According to the Seoul Dongdaemun Police Station, the man is alleged to have murdered his wife on Jan. 12 at home.

The man reportedly called his son and confessed to the crime. The son reported the case to police, and police arrested him at the scene.

During the police investigation, the man reportedly testified that he killed his wife over suspicion she was unfaithful.

The suspect’s son also stated that his father could have committed the murder while in an unfit state due to delusional jealousy concerning his wife. The son added that his father had previously showed symptoms of dementia as well.

Police, however, believe the man committed the crime with a clear mind.

By Shim Woo-hyun (
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