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[Today’s K-pop] BTS snaps up record 8 trophies in Japan

(Credit: Big Hit Entertainment)
(Credit: Big Hit Entertainment)

BTS collected eight trophies from a major Japanese music awards show, setting a record for a foreign artist.

According to the announcement from the 35th Japan Gold Disc Award Monday, the band was the winner in eight categories: best artist (Asia), album of the year (Asia), best three album (Asia, for two), best music videos (Asia), and song of the year by download (Asia) as well as the new awards best song of the year by streaming (Asia) and best five songs by streaming (Asia).

The group was named best Asian artist for three consecutive years and its Billboard No. 1 single “Dynamite” brought in three awards: song of the year by download, song of the year by streaming and best five songs by streaming.

In the music video section, its Japan edition of “BTS World Tour ‘Love Yourself: Speak Yourself,’” which documented Japan leg of the septet’s world tour in 2019 that amassed more than 2.06 million audience, was the winner.

Winner’s Kang Seungyoon looks back before 1st solo album 

(Credit: YG Entertainment)
(Credit: YG Entertainment)

Kang Seungyoon of Winner uploaded a two-part self-interview over the weekend taking a look back at his 10-year music career.

Sitting in front of the camera by himself, he recalled how people wondered why he would sign with YG Entertainment after making the top four at a television audition program.

“Most of the agencies that contacted me after the show promised that they would put me on the fast track to stardom, but I didn’t want to,” he began. Instead, he wanted to hone his skills so that the public would recognize his abilities, choosing to work on his musical capabilities over instant success, and became a trainee.

There were moments of regret, for sure, learning to dance and going for unfamiliar music genres. One of the most testing occasions, though, would have been giving up a chance to put out a solo album to participate in a survival program.

“I loved sweating with the members. .... I would do the same even if I go back in time,” he said firmly.

Kang is preparing for a solo gig, a first in eight years, and will release his first studio album later this month.

IZ*ONE holds last concert 

(Credit: Swing Entertainment, Off The Record)
(Credit: Swing Entertainment, Off The Record)

IZ*ONE bid fans farewell with a two-day online concert over the weekend.

The band went on stage for the show, their first in six months.

“We cannot be in the same place due to the regrettable situation but feel confident and encouraged when we think of WizOne who are giving us support from all around the world,” the bandmates said addressing their fandom.

They started the “One, the Story” live show with “La Vie En Rose” and performed title tracks from all of their albums. They also covered a series of songs -– including Camila Cabello’s “Senorita” and Tiara’s “Roly-Poly” -- as duos and trios. They also performed “Lesson” and “Parallel Universe,” two new songs that have not been released.

The 12-piece act was formed in 2018 through an audition program that was mired in a vote-rigging scandal. It managed to resume its career after a suspension but finally decided to disband in April.

Woodz hails return with dramatic change

(Credit: Yue Hua Entertainment)
(Credit: Yue Hua Entertainment)

Woodz, also known as Cho Seungyeon, held an online showcase for his first single Monday.

There are three songs -- title track “Feel Like” as well as “Touche” and “Rebound” -- all written by the musician himself. He participated in making all tracks in his previous EP “Woops!”

“I’ve spent the most time on writing the songs,” he said admitting that he pushed himself quite far for creating this single. He tried to find inspiration whether working out or watching movies.

Sexy guitar riffs mix with concise drum beats in “Feel Like,” weaving into a narrative with the other two tracks. 

“I wanted to express delicate curves of emotions and at the same time show a dramatically different me,” he added.

He expressed hope that he may be able to make what little contribution he could to making fans happier.

“That, I believe, is one of the strengths of music and hopefully this album can do a part,” said Woodz.

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