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[Today’s K-pop] Shinee to hold 1st online concert

(Credit: SM Entertainment)
(Credit: SM Entertainment)

Shinee is hosting an online concert on April 4, a first digital concert for the band. 

Under the title “Shinee World,” the four-piece act will take to the stage and the paid concert will be livestreamed via Naver’s Beyond Live channel. This is not only the first online gig for the band but also the first standalone concert in over three years since its “Shinee World The Best 2018 ~ From Now On ~” held in Japan. 

The ticket goes on sale from March 18. 

The group, now in its 14th year, released its seventh studio album “Don’t Call Me” in February. Despite the fact that it has been almost 2 and ½ years since all four of its members were together, as three of them finished serving their military duty, the LP swept across music charts -- at home and abroad -- and earned them six trophies on television music shows here.

Oh My Girl’s “Nonstop” amasses 100m streams 

(Credit: WM Entertainment)
(Credit: WM Entertainment)

Oh My Girl recorded over 100 million streams with “Nonstop” on a local music chart, said its agency WM Entertainment Friday. 

The group earned a platinum endorsement from Gaon Chart, a leading official music chart in Korea, with the song. 

“Nonstop,” an upbeat dance number, came out in April 2020 and swept across major charts in Korea upon release. It brought as many as eight trophies to the band in total from television music programs and was a chart-topper on iTunes K-pop albums chart in 21 regions including the US and Japan. 

The seven bandmates are currently busy with individual activities and will participate in an online K-pop festival scheduled March 20-28.

WayV’s 3rd EP tops iTunes charts in 25 regions

(Credit: SM Entertainment)
(Credit: SM Entertainment)

WayV continues to boast presence not only in China and Korea but around the world as well.  

Its “Kick Back,” title track from same-titled third EP that came out on Wednesday, ranked No. 1 on China’s largest music Website QQ Music. The EP landed at the top of multiple charts in Korea and came in first at iTunes top albums chart in 25 regions. 

On the day of the album’s release “#WayV_Kick_Back” was the top of Twitter’s real-time trending list in 13 regions including the US and Canada.
The seven-piece act also has a reality show called “WayVision,” now in second season. Winwin and Lucas will not participate in the promotion activities for now as the two are under self-quarantine after entering China, as of Thursday.

Seventeen’s Mingyu conciliates with alleged bullying victim

(Credit: Pledis Entertainment)
(Credit: Pledis Entertainment)

Mingyu of Seventeen resolved misunderstanding with a person who claimed to have been bullied in the past. 

His management company Pledis Entertainment said on Friday that it has been discussing the matter and verified surrounding facts with the person who went to the same private institute. Through a series of talks, they have been able to sort things out and, added the company. 

The idol explained that although he did play pranks with other male students at the institute but did not intend to terrorize or embarrass a specific person. If the person still felt uncomfortable or had a hard time due to his past actions, he offered an apology. 

The alleged victim who wrote online accepted the apology and confirmed that he or she does not want the matter to lead to Mingyu’s dropping out from the band or suspending activities.

He has stopped all activities while the company worked to validate and confirm the bullying rumors.

By Hwang You-mee