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[Box Office] Movies in theaters this week

Better Days
Opened July 9
Drama, Crime
Directed by Kwok Cheung Tsang

Nian (Dongyu Zhou) finds her life at a standstill when faced by relentless bullying from her peers as she prepares for her college entrance exam. Fate brings her together with small-time criminal Bei (Jackson Yee), but before they can retreat into a world of their own, both are dragged into the middle of a murder investigation that will change their lives forever. 

Opened July 9
Thriller, Crime, Drama
Directed by Lee Don-ku

On the night of Halloween, mysterious woman J (Lim Hwa-young) gets stranded inside a bar after two muggers -- Hee-tae (Park Jong-hwa) and his older brother Kang-tae (Nam Yeon-woo) -- try to raid the bar but instead accidentally kill the bar manager. Finding a way to escape the situation, Kang-tae invites his friend Ssen (Lee Seung-won) to the scene, who then calls in his secret partner Baek-gu (Park Se-jun) for help. A night of madness sends the five villains down an unexpected path. 

Opened July 8
Directed by Jay Roach

Against the backdrop of the 2016 presidential election, Fox News’ anchor, Megyn Kelly, finds herself embroiled in controversy after questioning the Republican front-runner Donald Trump on his misogynistic comments. In the meanwhile, former anchor of the network Gretchen Carlson slaps the network’s founder Roger Ailes with a lawsuit alleging sexual harassment. Her decision leads to Kelly coming forward with her own story, as well as multiple other women, inciting a movement that reverberates around the world.

Gretel & Hansel
(US, Canada, Ireland)
Opened July 8
Fantasy, Horror, Mystery
Directed by Oz Perkins

When their mother descends into madness, siblings Gretel (Sophia Lillis) and Hansel (Samuel Leakey) must fend for themselves in the dark and unforgiving woods. Hungry and scared, they fortuitously stumble upon a bounty of food left outside an isolated home. Invited inside by the seemingly friendly owner, the children soon suspect that her generous but mysterious behavior is part of a sinister plan to do them harm.