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Lee Je-hoon to star in Naver’s first audio cinema

Naver’s Audio Clip adapts web novels and webtoons into aural films

Actor Lee Je-hoon (Saram Entertainment)
Actor Lee Je-hoon (Saram Entertainment)

Actor Lee Je-hoon will feature in the newly launched audio cinema content from local internet giant Naver.

Lee’s agency Saram Entertainment on Wednesday said Lee will be starring in the aural film “Falling Asleep Beside You” (translated title) set to launch on Naver’s audio streaming platform Audio Clip.

Lee will be teaming up with actress Yoo In-na to the play the lead roles in the project.

In the romance story -- which is based on the web novel of the same name by author Flowbee -- Lee will be playing Yoo-shin, a well-known actor suffering from severe insomnia, whereas Yoo plays the role of Ha-ru, who has a voice that can make Yoo-shin fall asleep.

“I’m grateful to be able to take part in this new form of content. I hope many people can indulge themselves in the power of audio cinema,” the 35-year-old actor said through his agency.

According to Naver’s Audio Clip, “Falling Asleep Beside You” will be available on the platform starting Thursday, along with two other similar audio cinema contents based on popular web novels and webtoons. An official from the company explained each film is around one-hour in duration and English versions are not currently available.

Since it launched Audio Clip in 2017, Naver has been attempting to diversify its audio contents. The firm plans to launch variety shows and counseling content, including a sexual education show hosted by a star comedian and broadcaster Shin Dong-yup and a hip-hop program hosted by rapper Nucksal this month.

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