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Nolan’s time travel epic ‘Tenet’ to hit theaters in July

Director’s ‘Dark Knight’ trilogy to be rescreened ahead of new release

Poster of “Tenet” (Warner Bros. Korea)
Poster of “Tenet” (Warner Bros. Korea)

Warner Bros. Korea confirmed on Wednesday that “Tenet,” the latest feature from the acclaimed director Christopher Nolan, will open in local cinemas around the end of July.

“Tenet” is a sci-fi action thriller about a team of spies who set out on a time-bending mission to prevent another world war. Actors David Washington and Robert Pattinson will star in the espionage flick. Michael Caine, who has appeared in five of Nolan’s films, and Kenneth Branagh from the auteur’s “Dunkirk” (2018) are part of this ensemble cast along with Elizabeth Debicki, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Dimple Kapadia and Clemence Poesy.

A scene from “The Dark Knight” (Warner Bros. Korea)
A scene from “The Dark Knight” (Warner Bros. Korea)

Ahead of the new film’s official release, Warner Bros. Korea said, “The Dark Knight” trilogy will be rescreened on regular 2D screens as well as at special IMAX and 4D theaters. Starting with “Batman Begins” (2005) on June 24, followed by “The Dark Knight” (2008) on July 1 and “The Dark Knight Rises” (2012) on July 8, the three films will run for one week each.

The British-American filmmaker’s previous blockbusters, including “Inception” (2010) and “Interstellar” (2014), have enjoyed huge popularity among South Korean cinephiles. “Interstellar” became the third foreign film to garner over 10 million viewers in Korea, after “Avatar” (2009) and Frozen (2013).

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