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Tmon collects W29.1m donations to support rare skin disease patient

Screenshot of Tmon’s social donation campaign for Park Jun-seo (Tmon)
Screenshot of Tmon’s social donation campaign for Park Jun-seo (Tmon)

Tmon, an e-commerce platform here, said Monday it would deliver 29.1 million won ($23,625) raised from donations to a teenager suffering from a rare skin disease.

To mark this year’s Children’s Day – on May 5 -- Tmon said it partnered with Miral Welfare Foundation, a local nongovernmental organization, to start a social donation campaign on its platform for a teenage patient named Park Jun-seo. The 15-year-old patient has been suffering from an unidentified skin disease, in which his skin from head to toe peels off for unknown reasons.

During the donation campaign which ran from May 4 to 7, 58,318 donors contributed a total of 29.1 million won, according to the company. The collected fund will be delivered to Park’s family to be used for medical expenses and purchasing medications, the company said.

“We appreciate all the customers who participated in the fundraising. We hope (the donation) will deliver hope and courage to Jun-seo’s family,” Tmon CEO Lee Jin-won said.

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