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GS Caltex pledges ESG to reduce carbon footprint

GS Caltex CEO Hur Sae-hong (GS Caltex)
GS Caltex CEO Hur Sae-hong (GS Caltex)

GS Caltex CEO Hur Sae-hong said Thursday the company will strengthen its environmental, social and governance strategy by reducing greenhouse emissions and air pollutants, speeding up its green management policy based on energy-efficient production facilities.

The company said its facility in Yeosu, South Jeolla Province, has replaced its fuel to liquefied natural gas from low-sulfur fuel oil after improvements on its production line. The move is expected to reduce carbon emissions significantly, as the former emits 26 percent less in greenhouse gases than the latter.

“The transition to LNG is a clean and safe move to reduce greenhouse gases through improved energy efficiency,” Hur said.

“Though energy demand is increasing continuously, the conventional supply-based energy policy is not enough to tackle the increasing amount of greenhouse emissions. This is why boosting energy efficiency is the best option that can both satisfy environmental and economic needs.”

Thanks to the fuel change, the Yeosu plant is expected to reduce carbon emissions by more than 19 percent while cutting costs of 11.5 billion ($9.4 million) won this year.

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