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WeMade wins IP suit against Chinese game company


South Korean game developer WeMade said Wednesday it has won a lawsuit against a Chinese game company for violating a license contract and dodging royalties.

According to WeMade, the International Chamber of Commerce’s International Court of Arbitration on March 27 ordered Hangzhou Jiuling Network Technology to pay WeMade 85.2 billion won ($69.1 million) for violating the intellectual property license agreement it had signed with the Korean company.

In September 2017, Jiuling -- a subsidiary of Chinese game company KingNet -- signed the intellectual property licensing agreement for WeMade’s The Legend of Mir 2 to service the HTML5 game Chuanqi Lai Le, but it did not pay royalties to WeMade afterward.

“WeMade will hold every Chinese company accountable for their illegal actions and violations of contracts that infringe on the IP of Mir,” said WeMade CEO Henry Chang.

By Kim Byung-wook (