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Coway boasts No. 1 eco-tech research institute in Asia

Researchers at Coway Environment Technology Research Institute (Coway)
Researchers at Coway Environment Technology Research Institute (Coway)

South Korea’s leading household electronics rental service company 
Coway attributes its competitiveness to the high-tech analyses at its Environmental Technology Research Institute, the biggest such facility in Asia.

According to the company, the institute is at the center of its research and development of cutting-edge technologies and products, as the organization spearheads the entire product development process, starting from research to product design and development, to conducting reliability tests.

“I am confident that the Coway Environment Technology Research Institute is a leading innovator in the fast-changing environment in the electronics market,” Coway CEO Lee Hae-sun said.

‘We will continue to provide our clean water and air and ‘life care’ services for customers to adopt healthy living habits, and promote a higher quality of life.”

Coway, which began its business as a water purifier rental company has now expanded its product portfolio to air purifiers, e-bidets, mattresses and smart closets. The company said it has proven its competitiveness in the global market, participating in the world’s largest electronics tradeshow, Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, for five consecutive years.

The company has the largest number of water specialists in Asia who are certified by US Water Quality Association. It also has 28 water sommeliers -- with six advanced sommeliers.

It has also been gearing up to expand its presence in the global market, as it has an R&D system devoted the overseas markets, having acquired around 2,655 water quality data from 41 countries. 

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