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KT develops 5G-powered medical service

(KT Corp.-Yonhap)
(KT Corp.-Yonhap)

KT Corp., South Korea's major telecommunications firm, said Monday it has developed a 5G-powered medical service with a Seoul hospital to provide better patient care.

KT said it built a 5G network at the Samsung Medical Center and successfully applied its 5G technology to medical practices last week.

KT and the SMC have been working together since September 2019 after signing a partnership to develop 5G-powered medical services.

Through its 5G network, KT said medical staff at the SMC can now have quick and uninterrupted access to pathological data obtained during surgery, which is critical in determining the conditions of patients.

Its 5G medical service also includes a delivery robot that can remove contaminated materials and other medical waste for disposal, according to KT, and an artificial intelligence-powered care for patients. (Yonhap)