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Schools unite, call Moon's anti-elitism policy 'unconstitutional'

Sixteen of Korea’s elite private high schools have united to oppose the Moon Jae-in administration’s plan to strip them of their administrative autonomy, calling it “unconstitutional” in a joint statement to be submitted to the government Monday.

“Abolishing the private school system undermines the diversity and autonomy of education -- a fundamental right guaranteed by the Constitution -- and forces students into a uniform educational system without regard for individual academic needs,” lawmakers representing the schools said in a press release released Sunday. 

Ministry of Education
Ministry of Education

They said the government’s move would result in lowered educational standards and an increase in the number of students studying abroad early on, at the primary and secondary levels.

Under President Moon’s policy aimed at ensuring equal opportunity in education, 79 private high schools will lose their status by 2025. A notice on revisions to related laws and ordinances was issued Nov. 27, and the changes are expected to be finalized this week.

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