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[News brief] 30 school buildings nationwide structurally unsound: report

Thirty school and affiliated institute buildings across the nation were rated as structurally unsafe and unsuitable for use, an Education Ministry report showed Tuesday.


A total of 30 buildings used by schools or school-affiliated-kindergartens received the two lowest safety ratings -- D and E -- in a safety evaluation conducted by the government, according to the report, which was obtained by Bareunmirae Party lawmaker Rep. Lee Chan-yeol and presented to the National Assembly’s Education Committee.

According to the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport construction safety inspection guidelines, grade-D buildings are rated “insufficient” with grave defects in the framework and must be repaired immediately. They can still be used in the meantime, but restrictions might be put on their use. Grade-E buildings are rated “poor” in their safety levels and use of them must be suspended immediately.

Among the 30 school buildings, 26 received grade-D and the four buildings evaluated grade-E reportedly have stopped being used.

South Jeolla Province and South Chungcheong Province topped the list, each with six school buildings inadequate for use. South Gyeongsang Province followed, with five, Busan with four, Sejong with three, Ulsan with two, and Gangwon, Daegu, Seoul and Jeju, with one each.

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