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Nearly 800 workplace bullying complaints filed in two months: ministry

Some 800 instances of workplace bullying have been reported in two months since a new labor law against workplace harassment came into force on July 16.

The number of complaints filed by employees against their companies totaled 794 as of Sept. 19, the Ministry of Employment and Labor said during a parliamentary audit session Friday.


Verbal abuse was the most common type of misconduct reported, accounting for 44.5 percent of all cases. This was followed by unfair demotions at 26.3 percent, and gossip and isolation at 11.7 percent.

Under the new workplace anti-bullying law, employers who unfairly demote or dismiss an employee can face up to three years in jail or 30 million won ($25,100) in fines.

The ministry said it will ramp up efforts to fight the abuse of workers. It said it has appointed 185 officials in charge of monitoring harassment at work, and will operate two counseling centers starting this month, to be increased to eight by next year.

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