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[IFA 2019] Art and technology are the same, says Italian architect who designed LG SIGNATURE booth

Massimiliano Fuksas envisions new appliance assembled from countless screens

BERLIN -- Art and technology are in a symbiotic relationship as both are expressions of human creativity, according to the Italian architect who designed the LG SIGNATURE booth for IFA 2019.

“For me, art and technology are the same thing,” said Massimiliano Fuksas in an interview.

“There are no difference because they are both part of the human being -- the creativity of human being,” he said.

The architect designed the LG SIGNATURE booth with a hexagon motif, symbolizing infinity.

LG SIGNATURE is LG Electronics’ ultra-premium brand, which the company says unites the best of LG technology and design with uncompromising quality.

Massimiliano Fuksas (LG Electronics)
Massimiliano Fuksas (LG Electronics)

“Hexagon is infinite. It’s a concept of infinity because you can connect one hexagon with many like kaleidoscope. This well represents the LG SIGNATURE, which runs optimistically into the future with innovative technology,” Fuksas said.

Behind him was a wall covered with hexagons that stretched to the ceiling, reminiscent of a bee hive.

Hexagons are a recurring image in Fuksas’ designs, but the idea for LG SIGNATURE came to him in a flash. Fuksas said he had let his mind run free and got the idea for the wall in an instant.

If he were to design a tech appliance, Fuksas said, he would like to put screens together like bricks.

“It would be like 1,000 screens put around your house, around your room. Infinite bricks,” Fuksas said.

Fuksas operates the Fuksas studio with his wife, Doriana Fuksas, who is also an architect.

The couple are among those who have submitted proposals for the restoration of the damaged Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. They pitched an idea that would involve building a transparent new spire for the cathedral, like a “crystal pinnacle of Baccarat” that could be lit up at night.

Visitors to LG’s IFA 2019 booth at Messe Berlin, Hall 18, can experience the Infinity installation featuring LG SIGNATURE’s organic light-emitting diode TV, refrigerator, wine cellar, washing machine, dryer, air purifier and air conditioner from Friday through Sept. 11.

By Lim Jeong-yeo, Korea Herald correspondent (