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Main opposition warns its lawmaker who showed up drunk at National Assembly

Main opposition Liberty Korea Party Chairman Hwang Kyo-ahn has issued a warning to Rep. Kim Jae-won, who stirred up controversy after answering questions on the extra budget under the influence of alcohol, the party said Sunday.

Kim, chairman of the parliamentary special committee on budget and accounts, showed up drunk at the National Assembly near midnight on Aug. 1 and answered reporters’ questions about the supplementary budget.


“It has been confirmed that Rep. Kim Jae-won drank over dinner as he judged that he would not have any more meetings that day,” the Liberty Korea Party said.

“But Chairman Hwang Kyo-ahn perceived drinking during the budget review period as inappropriate and issued a stern warning.”

The National Assembly passed a 5.83 trillion-won ($4.9 billion) extra budget bill Friday.

By Kim Bo-gyung (